Windsurf Buddy

The wind is blowing, the waves are made of glass and your buddies are all in the water. You need some advice on what equipment to take. Should you get a bigger board? How long should the fin be?

Windsurf Buddy is an Android application to help you choose what gear to set up so that you don't have to comeback ashore to change to another sail, fin or even board.

Kitesurf Buddy

You feel the pull of the water and the push of the wind. The waves call to you. What board should you take? What kite? How should you tune the kite?

Kitesurf Buddy is Android application give you tips that answer this question... Give it a try and let me know what you think of it.

Wind speed converter

Knowing the current speed of the wind is important for many sports, hobbies and even professions and sometimes it seams like there is a specific wind speed unit for each activity or location.

Wind speed converter allows the user to quickly have a overview of the value of wind speed in several units.

I Park Amsterdam

Find the least expensive parking option in Amsterdam.

I Park Amsterdam shows in the map of Amsterdam the best car parking spots.