Let's see if having a more personal blog will motivate me to write more often.

The personal blog will be devoted to ideas and rants (the single reason the Internet exists is so that we can share rants) while the Bitpipeline main blog will be used for documenting the different projects.

Other plans for the near future:

  • in an older post I mentioned that wanted to migrate all the entries from blogspot to this platform. Let's get that done.
  • make individual blog entry pages nicer.
  • provide direct APK downloads with a GnuPG signature.
  • release the source of some of the apps - I Park Amsterdam is already published at GitHub.
  • submit the android application to FDroid.
  • spend some time in figuring out how to have a nice presentable blog calendar.
  • return to development of the published apps. It's good fun and a good way to keep learning new tricks.

Regarding the last item I already managed to bring Winfsurf Buddy up to date on it's dependencies and build mechanism. It was harder they it ought to be, but with a SDK that is a moving target that has to be expected.