Migrating from blogstop to my own ikiwiki
Migrating from blogstop to my own ikiwiki

It's done, migrating the blog post entries from bitpipeline-it to my own ikiwiki powered blog. All migrated posts are tagged with bitpipeline-it.

This was far harder than what I expected. Google takeout does allow us do download the content of our blog as a atom feed witch all entries mangled in one single line (136482 columns wide) and the original html almost gone.

I could probably create some python script to translate between this format and the markdown that is use for this Blog but in the end I decided to do the manual labour of copying the original post source (still available through the blogspot dashboard) and format it by hand. Took some time but keeps the quality up instead of polluting it with html tags.

Now this was possible with the 17 entries of the bitpipeline-it, but bitpipeline with its 117 entries it's too much work to do by hand. So a script is called for but I still have to decide how to do it:

  • parse the atom feed provided by the google-takeout
  • scrap the blogspot dashboard, retrieving the content of each post entry by editing it

The second option looks like more work but the end result is text that is a lot more readable.

The question left in the air is: why can't I retrieve my blog post entries in their original format? The nice html that I took care to write for such an eventuality...