WindsurfBuddy: beta versions and almost ready to ship

Since the last great Google I/O 2013 its possible for android developers using deploying Google Play to distribute their applications to also release alpha and beta versions to a exclusive set of users. The way Google uses to define that set of users is using a Google+ community of a Google Groups. I decided to give it a trial with the former.

So now available at Google+ is a community of adventurous people that don't mind trying the beta versions of Windsurf Buddy: Google+ Windsurf Buddy.beta community. Feel free to join in.

Today I am going to release the beta 3 of version 1.4. If everything feels solid and working properly then I'll upgrade to production.

So what is new/different in the new version? In terms of features maybe not much has change - added support for dagger fins and removed the wind speed converter that is available as a single application with more capabilities than while a feature of Windsurf Buddy. The major change is in the UI and the underlying code.

Planed for the near future are some improvements in the algorithms used to calculate sail size and fin length. Specially when it comes to racing and speed windsurfing. Then the management of equipment has to be implemented. That is bound to be fun... :)

I do hope you enjoy it.