I've been thinking about implementing a simple Android application that uses mapping for quite a while but never found the time or the right idea to start.

Yesterday I participated in a Appsterdam event with the guys from Glimworm showing and talking about Park Shark API, the Open API they created for querying the price of parking in the city of Amsterdam.

Today, after enjoying a nice bicycle ride (first day of the year were you could go out with a simple sweater), I decided to get my hands dirty and create a small application that made use of the Park Shark API and some mapping solution.

I don't really want to use a Google Maps Android API key for this small applications and I am a big fan of Open Street Maps (OSM) for quite a long time. Searching for possible ready to go solution that would allow me to use OSM within a Android application lead me to the project OSMDroid that provides a very similar API to the Google Maps API.

The name of the application includes a beta but it's really just very preliminary code. I did have fun writing it, and had some struggles to get things going as I desire. Specially when it comes to the interaction with the map.