Windsurf Buddy - continuing development
Windsurf Buddy - continuing development

Work is on going for the next Windsurf Buddy version.

The equipment advisor is getting to be slightly more capable than the previous one, with more rule matching to make sure that only the things that make sense show up. For example if a user chooses a Beginner use case then it doesn't make sense to show windsurf disciplines like wave.

The next screenshot is just a view of my desktop while working on Windsurf Buddy. Would you believe that I have fun this way? :)

Another things that I have been toying is the presentation of the multi-fin information. I don't know if this right/left looks nice (the one shown in the bigger Android emulator window).

One good news in regard to fin selection: it will be possible to change the balance of the fins length -- have more control or earlier planning. I'll write more about this soon.