Windsurf Buddy - work in progress
Windsurf Buddy - work in progress

It's has been quite a while and Windsurf Buddy is in need of some care. Specially the UI, which feels old fashion -- it has a clear Android Gingerbread feel to it.

So it was time for a revamp of the UI and to take advantage of the new features of the Android OS such as fragments and new Holo style.

It's far from finished. Much work still ahead before the next release.

The old dashboard is gone. I think it made sense at the time (so many other applications were also using it) but it became old fashion rather quickly. With good reasons actually. With this redesign when starting Wind speed the user will be presented with exactly what he is expecting to use: some good tips on what equipment to use.

The rest of the application can be reached either by using the navigation within the application bar or, for some very specific activities, by using the menu.

One feature I think I'll drop from the application is the Wind Speed Conversion but will probably integrate it with the Wind speed application. No duplication of functionality and it will be a lot easier to manage.

On the other hand.. I'm dying to squeeze some new features like adding equipment definition which would enable the user to add it's own equipment.