News for WindsurfBuddy
News for WindsurfBuddy

Work has been going on with WindsurfBuddy. Some of the new visible features that will come up in the next release include:

  • A initial dashboard to navigate the application;
  • A wind speed unit conversion tool;
  • Support for the Beaufort scale;

Much of the development effort since the last release was directed at improving the internals of the application, making it more modular and (hopefully) more extendible.

Already in place is the initial support for having file packages of equipment. Until now all the equipment visible was compiled in with the application. That would never be a solution for having more stuff in it. I plan to use this feature as a way to allow new sets of equipment to be downloaded but also to be shared between users.

I am thinking of trying this with the new Application Packages that Google Play supports. This App Packages are nothing more than a file that is downloaded and installed with the application. The plan is to distribute some race equipment with such a package (boards, sails, fins). If it all goes well the users will see that new equipment in the advisor and gear catalogue.