First post
First post

Finally had some time to setup up the blog. Not as easy as I expected as I run into problems with the hightlight plugin and I do want to be able to share pieces of code with pretty colours.

The problem was that gentoo doesn't install the source-highlight perl bindings. I believe that the reason why is that they don't work. At least after I managed to install them by hand there were problems with some "lua" calls (I forgot what was it).

I got it to work by overriding the highlight plugin and parsing the input by forking the source-hightlight, feeding it with the input and retrieving the html output. Crude, yes, but it looks like it's working.

    1: void main () {
    2:     printf("hello, world!");
    3: }

It took me quite a while from finding the problem, trying out to have the original plugin working (and giving up) and changing the original code to the presented solution.

Now... why didn't the author of the highlight plugin though about surviving not having the perl highlight bindings like this.