Sailor profiles support for WindsurfBuddy
Sailor profiles support for WindsurfBuddy

Windsurf Buddy seams to be doing well as there is a constant increase of active users. That makes me happy and eager to give new functionalities to the application.

So what have I been working on? Well, already done is the support for sailor profiles and for how efficient the sailor is. Going on is the implementation of the windsurf classes (or disciplines).

The efficiency of a sailor deals with the pressure on the back foot. Efficient sailors put less weight on the tail of the board. When the weight is more on the front foot strap the board is more flat on the water and so it plan earlier, it's faster and more stable.

It's not so easy to be a efficient sailor. You have to deal with the constant feeling of going for a catapult and as the front leg is more solicited it's also more tiring.

By selecting one or more windsurf classes you lower the number of equipment that is shown on the equipment advisor. For example if you only want to sail waves you wont wast visual space with race and slalom boards.

The "Downloads" tab that is visible on the screenshot will not be available so soon. Only on version 2.0, when I plan to start integrating the application with network services (things like current weather, downloading more equipment, uploading sessions, etc). There are lot's of features to implement before that…