Improvements on the title bar
Improvements on the title bar

With WindsurfBuddy I am targeting devices running at least Android 2.1 so I can't use all the great UI features of newer versions (like the actionbar).

I creates a resemblance of the title bar by using a embedded layout and extending the TabActivity classes.

There are still lot's of stuff to improve but it seams to be working all right.

I also wasted some time creating some drawings of generic boards and sails. This way the application doesn't depend on copyrighted bitmaps and is functional without the pretty images of equipment. I still need to draw some fins though…

So what's the idea when selecting a board? Well, a board has a range of sails that with which it can be used. An example: if you select a wave board you can't take a 12m² race sail. The sails that you can't use will "disappear" from the sail gallery. Also if you want a beginner board where's no point in showing you the boards that have less than 120 l at least.

With the fins it's the same. You select a board and then only the fins that fit that board will be available. Even if it's a multi-fin board.

One thing that I would like to add in the future is equipment that is owned by the user as a filter the equipment database. Will see how that goes…