WindsurfBuddy - equipment advisor: it's going somewhere

Just to share the evolution of the windsurf calculator, that I renamed WindsurfBuddy as in the mean time another application with that name showed up in Google Play store (I hate this name...)

Here I show the activity used to advise on what equipment to take into the water. The images of the boards are from Fanatic and the sails are from North Sails. I'm using them just for developing and as such in the end the listed equipment will be different. They do look good.

I won't be pushing this changes into github as I have no rights on the images for the boards and sails. In the future I'll replace them with some generic drawings.

Inside each of the equipment frames it's possible to do a horizontal scroll to see more items. I don't know if that's confusing, as there is a vertical scroll within the central view (between the titlebar and the area for entering the windspeed) and then there is this horizontal scroll areas. My tests were quite ok, but I have to show it and let other people play with it.

The usage work flow is to, change the wind speed, select the type of board and fin that you want to use. The application will provide you with a small set of boards, sails and fins you can use.

I actually have some ideas of how to make this advisor more useful by letting the user customize the content (the list of equipment) but that will be for a future post.